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Investment Match Making

Clearly if you're looking for an investor don't forget one thing: tell him what you plan to do with his money.

So, this morning I had a conference call with a company looking for growth investment. They are in the automotive sector in Spain and want to branch-out into renewable energies. They delivered an almost perfect documentation but missed a very crucial information. They simply did not mention what they would want to do with the investment.

This is one of many examples that some things are so clear for us that we simply do not consider they might be not clear for others.

In this case once they were asked they could outline a clear plan how they want to invest the money and what the benefits are. They are planning to open-up a new business in the renewable energy sector. It became clear that they mainly want to invest in additional production equipment. They had the specific equipment and even the first order lined-up. Quick question, great outcome.



Juergen Bopst is a senior executive with almost 20 years of international general management experience. He has a background in successfully managing large turn-around and post-merger projects and his industry knowledge includes microelectronics, consumer electronics, automotive and utilities. He has worked and lived in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France and managed large projects in China, USA and the UK.

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