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Let me be frank: in the end it´ all about the money. For me this means to be smart to understand the financials of a company inside out, to understand the KPI´ s that are driving the investment and finally to match both. In my long career as a CFO I learned to be stratetic but also to dig deep where it is necessary. Making the right choices means for me not only to understand the numbers but the business process behind the numbers. This is why investors and investees will not only talk about numbers when I am sitting at the table but also understand each others expectations.

There are plenty of companies that have a clear vision and plan how to develop their business. On the other hand investors have a clear set of rules how key figures should look like to make an investment attractive. It is my job to translate one to the other and finally make the right match happen.



Mario d'Arragona is an experienced finance executive with a deep and broad industry and consulting background. He has significant M&A and turnaround experience including successfully managing the transition from a UTC subsidiary to a stand-alone entity. He has industry and consulting knowledge from multiple areas including food & beverage, energy, electronics, equipment manufacturing and defense. Mario worked in Italy, France and the UK. He holds a masters degree with honor in economics and a CIMA diploma in management accounting.

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