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For me it's always about execution. When investors and investees come together normally they reach a point where they either cross the line or not. My job is to guide them through the whole process and make sure that the deal finally comes through. In my whole career as a corporate executive I have learned that many people get within close distance of a deal, but very often just don't make it. My whole success was and is based on the fact that I take them by the hand and help them to close the deal. How can this be archieved?

  1. Transparency: Make your expectations cristal clear.

  2. Focus: Only talk about what is needed.

  3. Know how to dance: Understand the order of things and respect that the timeline for investors and investees isn't necessarily the same.

If this is what you do anyway you have an easy life. If you still want to improve have a quick look into my toolbox: To an investee I will ask critical questions about your business. You will be in an industry which I know inside out. Because I know, what an investor expects from you, you will present your business in an easy to understand and transparent way to the investment community. This will also help you to clarify your own expectations and vice versa make it easy for the investor to understand. We at TML develop a set of crucial documents that allows the investor to understand the essential point of your business proposition fast and easy. Each good story can be told on not more than one page and we know how to do that. This creates focus for the investor and makes it possible for the investee to be heard. The right things have to happen but they have to happen at the right time. The beauty at my job is that I have insight into the timelines of both – investees and investors. I can't make them always fit. But I can make them compatible and make sure, that both sides meet successfully in the end. As said at the beginning – it all starts with transparency. _______________________________________________________________________


Juergen Bopst is a senior executive with almost 20 years of international general management experience. He has a background in successfully managing large turn-around and post-merger projects and his industry knowledge includes microelectronics, consumer electronics, automotive and utilities. He has worked and lived in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France and managed large projects in China, USA and the UK.

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