In an unstable environment or/and in the hypergrowth stage, the company certainly needs to draw a possible scenario, a reference to follow, to evaluate the deviations of the actual results over the projection (backward view) and take actions to recover (forward view). 

Without planning, the company is blind and unable to answer to its basic questions: Are we following the right path? Are we executing and generating the right level of cash and profit?

We provide a "top-down" financial planning to help the decision-makers to design the best feasible growing strategy. 

The One Pager Financial Planner, before going into detail, helps you to develop accurate scenarios where to test the feasibility of your strategy. 

We have the experience, the technology, and the right process to generate

your high-quality Strategic Financial report seamlessly, timely, and at the right price. 

We are sector and development stage agnostic.

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Here Some Common Questions to Answer:

  • a. What is the cash Impact of modifying DSO, DPO  T&C?

  • b.Should I move to a more lean organization by reducing the DSI?

  • What is the impact of HP, Factoring, and Prepayments on my Company's  Cash?

  • c.How Much external Investment Do I need? Should I ask for equity or/and debt?


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