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The stakeholders, the investors need to determine the financial impact of the business decisions, to identify what did go wrong and the future corrective actions to bridge the gap.

Without a planning and reporting process, the company is basically blind and do not have any reference to compare. The company is unable to answer to its basic questions: Are we following the right path? Are we executing and generating the right level of cash and profit?

We provide a bespoke plug and play relevant management reporting to check the deviation against projections and to set clawback actions.

The growing stage is a complex phase in the company business life cycle, the environment is difficult to predict, there is limited visibility and high uncertainty of the future outcome. In an unstable environment, the company certainly needs to draw a possible scenario, a reference to follow, to evaluate the deviations of the actual results over the projection (backward view) and take actions to recover (forward view). 

It is essential as a post-funding process that your company is able to explain and activate actions to close the gap. We provide a simple, seamless and effective reporting system that can grow along with your business and can be installed with a minimum effort.

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